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Route 91 Yorkland Avenue
Maintained by Ianistan Department of Transportation
Length 16.4 miles
Existed 1995-present
West End: Route 24 in Quakersville
Major Junctions:
East End: Route 32 in East Scrantonville

Route 91, Yorkland Avenue, is a secondary east-west route which connects Tullersville State Park to York. It was extended from the Susquehanna River in York to Tullersville State Park in 2016.


Route 91 starts at the partial interchange of Route 43 and Route 24 in Quakersville, with Tullersville State Park to the west. Yorkland Avenue is a two lane road with a 50 MPH speed limit through Quakersville, until meeting with Route 9A (Eastwick Avenue). The road passes under the Quakersville Bypass and then passes by the northern border of Quakersville Municipal Park, eventually reaching Route 9A.

Route 91 then joins Route 9A, signed as a north/west and south/east multiplex. The roads curve to cross the Susquehanna River and enter York.


Upon entering York, Route 91 splits into a local and express route, very briefly. Route 91 Express continues along the Route 9A multiplex and Eastwick Avenue, but Route 91 Local splits and forms Yorkland Avenue again. This split lasts about 3 blocks, when Route 9A and Route 91 split. Route 9A continues along Eastwick Avenue and Route 91 returns to Yorkland Avenue.

Yorkland Avenue continues as a two lane road with a 30 MPH speed limit through York and serves as its main commercial street, with paralleling Route 9 (Cross Preston Expressway), Route 11 (Old Gettysburg Parkway), Route 25 (Kolstad Boulevard), and Route 32 (Trenton Avenue) bypassing Yorkland Avenue.

Route 91 continues through York, intersecting with many streets through town, eventually meeting with Route 7 (Arlington Drive). The road then passes under the TheTA Capital Line, reaching the Kolstad borough line.

Kolstad and East Scrantonville[]

Route 91 passes through Kolstad as a two lane road with a 35 MPH speed limit. Then, the road intersects with Route 5 (Spearsburg Avenue), with Norway Street passing above. The road then joins a massive diamond interchange involving Routes 9, 11, and 91. This interchange crosses the East Scrantonville township line, with Route 91 ending at Route 32.