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Route 4 Menelaus River Parkway (Plattsfield to Quakersville)

Quakersville Road (Scrantonville to East Scrantonville)

Maintained by Ianistan Department of Transportation
Length 26.7 miles
Existed 1903-present
West End: Route 1 in Plattsfield
Major Junctions:
East End: Route 32 in East Scrantonville

Route 4 is a primary east-west highway serving southern Ianistan. It parallels the Menelaus River.


Route 4 starts at a semi-directional T interchange with Route 1 in Plattsfield, with Route 43 being part of the interchange, but without Routes 4 and 43 actually having a connection. Route 4 then heads east as the Menelaus River Parkway, Ianistan's first limited-access highway. The highway has four lanes and is undivided, following the Menelaus River very closely, with a 45 MPH speed limit and a restriction on trucks. The Parkway intersects Intermunicipal Road (Route 3) at a diamond interchange and then continues into Quakersville, losing its passing lanes in the process, but gaining a divider.


The Menelaus River Parkway enters Tullersville State Park and parallels it until shortly before the Scrantonville city line. The road has an interchange with Tullersville Road (Route 24), which provides access to Gettysburg and Quakersville Center. Through Tullersville State Park, Route 4 has a walking and bicycling path to its immediate south, allowing park visitors to see the river, though while facing traffic on the Parkway.

About one mile west of Scrantonville, Route 4 interchanges with the Quakersville Bypass and the Old Gettysburg Parkway. However, these interchanges are partial, with the Quakersville Bypass having an exit from Route 4 West and an entrance to Route 4 East and the Old Gettysburg Parkway having an exit from Route 4 East and an entrance to Route 4 West. Route 4 then crosses the Susquehanna River, entering Preston County and the city of Scrantonville.

Scrantonville and Route 4A[]

Upon entering Scrantonville, the Menelaus River Parkway ends and becomes Quakersville Road. Route 4 continues north of the Menelaus River, providing access to the northern residential neighborhoods of Scrantonville, as a four lane undivided road with a 45 MPH speed limit. Route 4A splits and heads south of the Menelaus River as Scrantonville Boulevard, which serves the Capitol Area of Scrantonville and connects to Route 41, the Cross Ianistan Expressway. There are few connections between the two roads, at Route 7 and Route 5 in Scrantonville.

East Scrantonville[]

Route 4 enters East Scrantonville, continuing as Quakersville Road, interchanging with the Cross Preston Expressway (Route 9), with southbound access via Tollanderry Street and northbound access provided directly. After the Route 9 interchange, Route 4 terminates at Trenton Avenue (Route 32).