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Route 39 Leighton Boulevard
Maintained by Ianistan Department of Transportation
Length 13.4 miles
Existed 1939-present
West End: Route 25 in Leighton
Major Junctions:
East End: Route 11 in Bloomford

Route 39, Leighton Boulevard, is a secondary east-west route which connects Leighton to York and Bloomford.

Leighton and York[]

Route 39 starts at a split from Route 25 in Leighton, immediately meeting Route 9A afterwards, but only allows some movements to Route 9A, due to the close proximity of Route 25. Route 39 traffic can only turn onto Route 9A South and Route 9A traffic may access Route 39 East, but only Route 9A South traffic may access Route 39 West, which immediately ends at Route 25 West.

Route 39 starts as a two lane divided road with a 45 MPH speed limit. Despite being Route 39's namesake, the road only remains in Leighton for 1.5 miles, before crossing the Susquehanna River and entering York and Preston County.


Leighton Boulevard enters York and then meets with Marlow Street and Route 9, and then the road curves north. At this point, Leighton Boulevard remains a two lane divided road, but now with a 40 MPH speed limit, passing through the western portions of York, on a north-south path, eventually entering Bloomford.


Once Leighton Boulevard enters Bloomford, it curves back onto an east-west path and its speed limit increases to 50 MPH. The road then interchanges with Route 41 in a traditional diamond, and follows Bloomford's southern border and runs along the south side of Bloomford State Park, before intersecting with Route 7 (Arlington Drive) and the TheTA Capital Line, where the speed limit drops to 35 MPH. Then, Route 39 intersects with various local streets which connect Bloomford and York. Afterwards, Route 39 intersects Route 5 (Spearsburg Avenue). Its next intersection is with Route 21 (Odobasic Parkway), which is multiplexed with Route 39 until the two roads terminate at Route 11.