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Route 32 Trenton Avenue
Maintained by Ianistan Department of Transportation
Length 22.4 miles
Existed 1985-present
South End: Route 2 and Route 42 in East Scrantonville
Major Junctions:
North End: Route 9 in York

Route 32, Trenton Avenue, is a secondary north-south route through Preston County. Its route follows that of Route 9, prior to the construction of its expressway section between East Scrantonville and York.

East Scrantonville[]

Route 32 starts at a Y-intersection off Route 2 (Gettysburg Parkway), then turns right as an extension of 16th Street to intersect with Route 42 and then turns left onto Trenton Avenue, the original route of Route 9, prior to 1985, and the original Gettysburg Parkway. Route 32 continues with a 45 MPH speed limit.

Trenton Avenue is a four lane divided highway which serves East Scrantonville's downtown. Before crossing the Menelaus River, it serves as the eastern terminus of Route 4A (Scrantonville Boulevard) and after crossing the Menelaus River, it is the eastern terminus of Route 4 (Quakersville Road). Both routes provide access to Scrantonville.

Route 32 curves to follow the path of the Delaware River, intersecting with various streets in East Scrantonville along the way. At this point, north of First Street, Trenton Avenue becomes undivided and a four-lane highway with a center left turn lane. Eventually, shortly before the border with Kolstad, Route 91 (Yorkland Avenue) begins off to the left, to serve Tullersville State Park.


When crossing into Kolstad, Route 32 intersects with Route 11, here is where 11 transitions from the Old Gettysburg Parkway to the Delaware Parkway. The former Gettysburg Parkway went along present-day Route 32 through East Scrantonville. At this point, Route 32 becomes a divided four-lane road again, with median breaks for the local streets of Kolstad.

Before entering York, Trenton Avenue intersects with Route 9 at a partial interchange, with access from 32 North to 9 North and from 9 North to 32 South. Other connections between Routes 9 and 32 are provided by streets in York.


As Route 32 crosses into York, it overlaps with Route 9, with Route 9 running above it as a viaduct, constructed in 2013. This viaduct lasts about three blocks and provides access to Route 5 (Spearsburg Avenue) and also a direct ramp from both sides of Route 32 to Route 9 North. Access to Route 9 South and from both directions of Route 9 is provided by Trondheim Street.

Route 32 continues past the viaduct on its own path, intersecting with Route 7 (Arlington Drive). Later, the road intersects with Route 9A and Route 41 at a folded diamond interchange. Trenton Avenue continues for two more blocks and then terminates into Route 9 North.

There is no direct access from Route 32 North to Route 9 South, though drivers may take Route 9 North to Exit 20 (Route 39/Leighton Boulevard) and turn around.