Ianistan Wiki
Route 3 Intermunicipal Road (Fairmont City to Leighton)

Leighton Boulevard (Leighton)

Norristown Avenue (Leighton)

Brightland Bridge Turnpike (Eastwick to Wilkinson)

Wilkinson Avenue (Wilkinson)

Tolland Avenue (White Sky)

Norwich Avenue (White Sky to Tollanderry)

Old Mansfield Road (Tollanderry to Mansfield)

Okonkwo Avenue (Walcott)

Maintained by Ianistan Department of Transportation
Length 126.7 miles
Existed 1903-present
South End: Route 2 in Fairmont City
Major Junctions:
North End: Route 98 in Walcott

Route 3 is a primary north-south highway serving various sections of Ianistan. It is the longest route in the country, at 126.7 miles.