Ianistan Wiki
The United Meritocracy of Ianistan
Flag Seal
Motto quod erat demonstrandum
Capital Scrantonville
Largest city Abbington
Official language English
Demonym Ianistian
Population 952,240 (2013)
Geographic size 2,546 sq mi
Population density 374.014 per sq mi
Government Constitutional democratic meritocracy
Independence from the US May 1, 1902
GDP per capita $45,090 (2013)
GDP total $43,026,681,600 (2013)

The United Meritocracy of Ianistan (Ianistan) is a fictional country located in eastern Pennsylvania, which declared independence from the United States on May 1, 1902. Despite the independence declared from the United States, Ianistan retains a very strong relationship with the US, including having the only open and pourous border, with Pennsylvania to the north, east, and south and New Jersey to the east, via the Delaware River.

The people of Ianistan, called Ianistians, are among the most highly educated in the world, owing to its very developed university system, which places a heavy emphasis on the understanding of mathematics and logic, the State University of Ianistan and the University of the Brightlands. This leads Ianistan to have a high level of development and industrialization. Its GDP per capita, $45,090, as of 2013, is comparable to that of Canada and Denmark.

Ianistan tends to have a fairly liberal government, centered in Scrantonville, focusing on education, parks, and infrastructure investment. Ianistan's state park network is managed by Ianistan National Parks and Recreation. Ianistan has a highly developed transportation network, including expressways and public transportation, provided by the Ianistan Department of Transportation and the Ianistan Transit Authority. The Ianistan government is a constitutional democratic meritocracy, with the Higher Legislative House and its 14 members (2 for each of the 7 counties) and the Chamber of Legislation and its 112 members (2 for each of the 56 districts, with approximately 17,000 people in each district).

There are seven counties, named for Norwich, Connecticut and its surrounding towns, in Ianistan and seven corresponding cities which serve as the seats of each county. There are 36 municipalities in total, which are the local governments that Ianistians face, and can be in the form of cities, towns, townships, or boroughs.

Ianistan Counties

HLH District County Seat Population (2013) Income (2013)
1 Preston County Scrantonville 161,673

(Kent, DE)

2 Montvale County Fairmont City 86,291

(Chemung, NY)

3 Bozrah County Pasadena 111,594

(Windham, CT)

4 Norwich County Abbington 295,303

(Luzerne, PA)

5 Lisbon County Hazleton 62,410

(Bradford, PA)

6 Sprague County White Sky 171,423

(Middlesex, CT)

7 Franklin County Walcott 65,546

(Carbon, PA)


Ianistan's Largest Municipalities

Municipality County Type Population (2013) Income (2013) Founding COL District School District
Abbington Norwich City 295,303

(Pittsburgh, PA)

$44,291 1902 1-18 Abbington
Scrantonville Preston City 102,044(Waterbury, CT) $39,584 1902 19-24 Scrantonville
White Sky Sprague City 100,263

(Erie, PA)

$50,134 1909 25-30 White Sky
Pasadena Bozrah City 57,942

(Lancaster, PA)

$46,941 1915 31-33 Pasadena
Walcott Franklin City 46,115

(Middletown, CT)

$45,294 1911 34-37 Franklin North
Fairmont City Montvale City 41,354

(Wilkes-Barre, PA)

$33,189 1902 38-40 Fairmont City
York Preston Township 30,647

(Newark, DE)

$41,942 1902 41-42 York
Wilkinson Sprague Township 28,484

(New London, CT)

$42,778 1909 43-44 Wilkinson
Hazleton Lisbon City 24,302

(Hazleton, PA)

$35,511 1902 45-46 Lisbon South
Slate Run Sprague Township 22,689

(Middletown, DE)

$45,567 1909 47-48 Slate Run